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Question: Can your company help us with financing?
Answer: We finance projects partially, in some cases we help our customers on a lease basis, adjournment of payment, we can also help with finding financing. Contact our sales department for further information.

Question: How much does family recreational center cost?
Answer: The total sum of investments, necessary for equipping is from 800 USA dollars per sq.m. the cost of building constructions in case of building, not lease, depends on the building method set by a customer.

Question: How much time will it take to build an outdoor amusement park?
Answer: It depends on its size, elements and theme. The building can take up to 12 months, including equipment delivery.

Question: What material are models of dinosaurs made of?
Answer: The modelas of dinosaurs are made of modern polymeric materials, capable to endure visitors’ vandalism, ultraviolet radiation etc. Indoor and outdoor models are different in composition.

Question: What are the terms of cover of expenditure in children’s entertainment center "The planet of dinosaurs"?
Answer: On the average in case of lease, cover of expenditures takes place within 3.5 years maximum. But we have real examples when our customers covered their expenditures within 1 year and this with seasonal tourist visitation.