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Wind tunnel

People always tend to dream and experience something new, unknown before. Almost everyone wanted to soar above the earth like a bird, and with the help of Aerodium LV, that manufactures aerodynamic wind tunnels, you have this opportunity. With the help of different models, that could be placed inside and outside, the feeling of free fall is real, plus with special transparent walls, you can see everything around you while flying, and this feeling of real skydiving only increasing. Aerodunamic tunnel will bring you not only thrill, but also bring dreams into reality and opens new hobbies. And the most important point is safety, time tested on professionals, plus you will have full instruction and warm up, and even after the procedures, you will always be guarded by professional instructor. However, wind tunnel is not only a great attraction, fun time; it is very profitable, new and very interesting business. If you are already an owner of entertainment park, game center, FEC , then Aerodium would be an amazing equipment to attract new and old customers, and will widen target market, but if you are looking a startup business, that is a right one, because of high profits and longtime business with an extra profits from souvenirs sales, photos and videos, that will be another part of your profits. And even entertainment business is not the only appliance of vertical wind tunnel Aerodium. In 2006, Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, Aerodium blasted with an amazing show, which blew everyone’s mind and unbelievable success began, that was very responsible as a start.

Now, it’s widely used in shooting movies, music videos, video clips with flying special effects, and for any social event promotion, as an example ”Superman Returns”. AET/Amusement and Edutainment Technologies is an official Aerodium LV company representative in Belarus. Why exactly Aerodium? After research, comparison was made, we were glad to represent this company in our country.

  • Leader in manufacturing open aerodynamic tunnels and in organizing fly shows
  • High quality and safety time tested
  • High qualified instructors and service
  • Ability to rent the equipment to test business success and for some special events
  • Successful business model with wide range of appliances

AET/ Amusement and Edutainment Technologies as an official representative in Belarus, we do all local construction works. We offer:

  • Equipment installation
  • Your operators trainings
  • Equipment insurance of international standard
  • All accessories and equipment for flights (outfit, gloves, goggles, and helmets)
  • Service support and training
  • Equipment delivery to destination

To order wind tunnel click here.