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The concept of theme amusement park "Dino-park"

"Dino-park" includes the following distinctive amusement rides and objects:

  • Family attraction "Dino-safari".
  • Theme playing zone with interactive exhibits "Archeological excavations", "Fossils", "Dino-skeletons" and others.
  • Playing ground for children, consisting of construction Dino, amusement attraction "Inside the dinosaur", a complex of chutes Dino etc.
  • Educational material, presented by fiberglass plastic dinosaurs and information plane tables and stands.
  • Zones of public catering: theme restaurant "Dino-cafe", stalls with light snacks, ice cream and drinks.
  • Other park infrastructure: cash desks, souvenir shops, first aid stations, toilets, administrative offices, technical and barns.
  • Park can also be equipped with traditional family amusement rides, such as Ferris wheels, jumping towers, roller coasters, carousels, swings, motordromes etc.

“Dino-park” can be organized as a theme zone of a bigger amusement park.

Location and specification of equipment of every project are worked out individually in accordance with location peculiarities and customer’s wish.

Our company offers a full range of services on realization of the project "Dino-park" turnkey – from master planning and designing to installation and exploitation.

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