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Concept of family restaurant "Dinoquizine"

Here's finally a place for everyone. Eat, entertain, educate all in one and never get bored!

Dinoquizine features:

  • The Dino-Ride - each "TimeCraft" table rides around the restaurant making 1 lap in an hour. You will enjoy beautiful pre historic vistas and learn how dinosaurs lived in natural conditions.
  • The Dino-Quiz - interactive Question/Answer system. You will interact with dinosaurs, answer their questions and win prizes.
  • The eMenu- electronic menu. Each table is conveniently equipped with a touch panel/touch screen. You will order and get served without waiters.

Dinoquizine concept accommodates up to 600 guests.

Custom concepts available for existing facilities.

See more at: www.dinoquizine.com

To order family restaurant "Dinoquizine" you can here.