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"Dino-safari" is an educational and entertainment ride, familiarizing visitors with dinosaur’s life. We offer 2 versions of it – monorail (train) and a pedestrian ride.

Monorail (train) is woked out for children and family visitors. This means of transportation goes along animatronic and static models of dinosaurs in their natural “prehistoric” environment. This ride is a  perfect spice for any indoor and outdoor object.

Pedestrian ride is a dark ride where visitors walk along the path, surrounded by "revived" scenes from Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs appeared, lived, multiplied and died out. Pedestrian ride includes some educational elements, such as reproduction of fossils of the most well-known kinds of dinosaurs, information stands, telling about archeological excavations (how they are carried out, which tools are used, how dinosaurs are classified and get their names etc). Pedestrian ride is a perfect way out for those, who plans educational and entertainment object at the establishment, but has limited space for it.

"Dino-Safari" becomes even more exciting and attended show if includes preview and postview zones In the preview zone visitors are given detailed information about what our planet looked like 250 millions of years ago, and the questions of safe staying in the ride, game rules (if this is a dark ride and weapon is used). Postview  is a zone where visitors can have a rest after the breathtaking journey to the past. There might be a theme restaurant "Dino-cafe", videogames and simulators, counter with “moment photo”, souvenir stalls, interactive objects and developing games.

Sample of Dino-safari at Legoland Windsor

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