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Dino Zoo

Movable exposition "Dino Zoo" is a breathtaking attraction, telling about prehistoric world and covering 3 main periods in the era of reptiles – Triassic, Jurrasic and Cretaceous.

The main elements of a movable exposition:

  • 15 animatronic models of the most well-known dinosaurs life-sized.
  • "Prehistoric" scenery (rocks, waterfalls, artificial trees and plants) where dinosaurs live.
  • Special effects (water, fog, wind) in a contact with visitors.
  • Data plane tables and interactive elements (excavations, constructors, tables with stamps and relief table tops for drawing, stands with dino puzzles etc.)


  • Electricity – 220V/60Hz
  • Compressed air – 6 Atm
  • Placement size - 600 sq/m
  • Ceiling height - 3,6 m
  • Door aperture - 2,2 x 1,5

We offer you a movable exposition "Dino Zoo" on a basis of sell or lease.

"Dino Zoo", Presentation

To order movable exposition "Dino Zoo" you can here.