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Dark rides

Dark ride is a mechanical amusement ride, that presents a movement of  transport means (train or monorail) along the predetermined path among the sceneries.   

Dark ride is a breathtaking adventure with many dangers and traps, surprises and special effects.

Our dark rides are special due to the presence of educational elements in trhem. Besides we offer amusement rides of 2 kinds – with mobile composition and built in “weapons” (laser tags) or a pedestrian excursion tour.

Themes of our dark rides are various. The most popular and interesting for visitors are "Dino-Safari" and "The future is wild™". They present a wonderful combination of scientific facts and entertainment elements promote young people’s deeper interest to history and environment, they also develop such necessary qualities as attentiveness, memory, reaction, persistence and imagination.

In designing and producing of every dark ride we use individual approach.

The concept of the ride, design and functions of transport means, the length and location are decided individually in accordance with the customer’s wish and location peculiarities.

We can also deliver animatronic models and design and programme scenes of dark ride for "lazy rivers" of waterparks.

To order dark rides you can here.