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We present you the best concept of a restaurant for children. "Dino-cafe" is a unique establishment, which includes elements of both industries – food and entertainment, a perfect place for pleasant and educational pastime for the whole family.

The main peculiarities of "Dino-cafe" are:

  • A unique interior, presented by reconstructed prehistoric world with its flora and fauna – revived dinosaurs. Constant change of natural phenomenon – day comes after night, it rains after clear sunny weather etc.
  • Menu: only specialties and natural products. The names of dishes and their look corresponds to the theme – exotic and unusual. For children – “Dino-meal”.
  • Playing ground for children with rockers, “Archeological excavations”, tables with dino-stamps, relief impressions, dino-puzzles, dino-mosaics and prefabricated models.
  • Reservations for celebrations and parties: birthdays, anniversaries, meetings of graduates, family picnics, corporative parties, business seminars etc.
  • Theme souvenirs: T-shirts, peaked caps, mugs, key rings, medallions, toys etc. according to the statistical data, 40-60% of visitors of theme establishments purchase souvenirs that allow the owners increase their profits considerably.

The concept of theme restaurant "Dino-cafe" is a registered mark and all rights reserved by our company.

If you want to open your restaurant in your city / region, our company can help you in it. We offer a full range of services, concerning realization of the project "Dino-cafe" turnkey – from designing individual interiors and exteriors and delivery of realistic sceneries and equipment to personnel training and delivery of souvenirs and other production.

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