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5D cinema

Attention! Attraction with a recoupment 3-9 months! Virtual 5D cinema AVATAR VIP with three degrees of freedom!

5D cinema AVATAR VIP gives effect of full presence and participation of the spectator in a film. 5D cinema AVATAR VIP is equipped by the full volume image, special effects, spray, wind, sweeping legs, soap bubbles, lightings and vibrating mobile seats, which repeat movements on the screen. Such movements, as falling from a rock, evasion from a lightning, races at great speed with real sensations of a wind, splashes of water and other obstacles are precisely transferred. Our Cinema of New Generation presents sensation of complete certainty of an event.

Differences 5D AVATAR VIP are the two comfortable double platforms, everyone with three degrees of freedom! To data: in four local similar platforms of other manufacturers spectators sitting on the middle don't receive necessary effect. It is excluded in 5D AVATAR VIP ! Everyone will receive the paid portion of adrenaline!

Technical characteristics:

  • Two double platforms;
  • 220V;
  • weight of 2 modules - 240 kg;
  • landing level - 0,5 m;
  • premise dimensions - L4,5 W5 H2,5.

Our cinema with success settles down in shopping centers, parks, stations and other places of mass visiting as independent business.

For the additional information address here.

tel: +375172564774


5D cinema

It is a modern equipment for showing three-dimensional popular science and entertaining films with special effects.

xD cinemas unforgettable impressions of a real presence at the scene of action in a movie.

Advantages of our xD cinemas:

  • Individual approach to the cjoice of configuration in accordance with a placement and a budget.
  • Great choice of xD movies.
  • Creation of new or adaptation of existing movies to xD show.
  • High quality equipment made in Germany.
  • Long working life.

Dimension (D) defines availability of special effects:

  • 3D cinema is a 3D movie.
  • 4D cinema is 3D movies and mobile seats with built-in effects (stream of water, mice under feet, whip on the back etc.).
  • 5D cinema is 4D cinema with special effects in the auditorium (soap bubbles, special smell, intriguing light etc.).
  • We offer D cinemas with seat quantity from 12 to 1000, with flat and cylindrical screens on a basis of sell or lease.

You can order cinema with necessary characteristics here.