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Cafe-center "Sannikov Land"

At the beginning of the 19th century a Russian manufacturer Yakov Sannikov is believed to see a big land to the south-west from island Kotelny. However, he wasn’t there as the way was blocked by great unfrozen patches of water that remained there for almost all year.

A warm, inhabited and wonderful land was described by the author’s fantasy in a novel “Sannikov Land” by V.A. Obruchev. It was inhabited by the tribe of onkilones, that left the continent and after a hard and long journey in the ice, settled down on a new homeland.

There were various kinds of animals and the flora on the island was also rich…

The mysterious island was never found… But the visitors of cafe-canter “Sannikov Land” have a unique opportunity to skate, play and have fun in the bright scenery of a mysterious island among mammoths, rhinos, sabretoothed tigers and cave bears that lived on that island.

Theme "Sannikov Land" for Cafe-center

You can order this concept, animatronic equipment and sceneries here.